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The following is a tribute to large invertebrates that I have found on my travels.

Fiery Searcher - Ohio.
fiery searcher

Wheel Bug - southern Illinois.
Wheel Bug

Marbled Orbweaver - southern Illinois.
Marbled Orbweaver

Polyphemus Moth - Ohio. Click here to read a Polyphemus story
Polyphemus Moth

Cactus Longhorn Beetle - Arizona.
Cactus Longhorn Beetle

False Tarantula - California.
False Tarantula

Bess Beetle Grubs - southern Illinois.
Bess Beetle Grubs

European Hornet - Ohio.
European Hornet

Nebraska Conehead - Ohio.
Nebraska Conehead

Osmoderma scabra - Ohio (one of the Fruit and Flower Chafers with no Common Name) .
Osmoderma scabra

Giant Desert Hairy Scorpion - Nevada.
Giant Desert Hairy Scorpion

Jerusalem Cricket - California.
Jerusalem Cricket

California Night-stalking Tiger Beetle - California.
California Night-stalking Tiger Beetle

Eastern Toebiter - South Carolina.
Eastern Toebiter

Blue Carpenter Bee - Nevada.
Blue Carpenter Bee

Spined Oak Borer - Ohio.
Elaphidion mucronatum

Sooty Longwing - Nevada.
Sooty Longwing

Bess Beetle - southern Illinois.
Bess Beetle

Mojave Thread-leg Katydid - Arizona.
Mojave Thread-leg Katydid

Luna Moth - Kentucky.
Luna Moth

Longhorn Beetle - Nevada.
Longhorn Beetle

Annual Cicada - Ohio.
Annual Cicada

Fishing Spider - Ohio.
Fishing Spider

Ovate Shieldback - Nevada.
Ovate Shieldback

Darkling Beetle - Arizona.
Darkling Beetle

Giant Carolina Wolf Spider - Nevada.
Giant Carolina Wolf Spider

Praying Mantids - Ohio.
Praying Mantids

Pandora Sphinx Moth Caterpillar - Ohio.
Pandora Sphinx Moth Caterpillar

Snail-eating Ground Beetle - California.
Snail-eating Ground Beetle

Solifuge - California.

Paper Wasp - southern Illinois.
Paper Wasp

Ironclad Beetle - Arizona.
Ironclad Beetle

Periodical Cicada - Ohio.
Periodical Cicada

Male Water Bug carrying its eggs on its back - California.
Water Bug

Tarantula Hawk - Arizona.
Tarantula Hawk

European Ground Beetle - southern Illinois.
European Ground Beetle

Tarantula - Arizona.