Third Eye - Herping California 2012  
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On Sunday Sarah and Connie were intent on doing some herping and although it was only in the upper 40s on the mountain we were on that day, we were undeterred by the temperature in our quest to find reptiles and amphibians.
Mount Hamilton

Ensatina Salamander - all 7 subspecies can be found in California.

Sarah likes salamanders.

And Connie was glad that cold Alligator Lizards don't bite.

We caught this Yellowbelly Racer.
Yellowbelly Racer

And we liked it.
Yellowbelly Racer

California Toads were not especially common, but we managed to find a few.
California Toad

This young Gopher Snake turned up.
Pacific Gopher Snake

The highlight of the outing was finding this California Red-sided Garter.
California Red-sided Garter

It was a nice way to end the day.
California Red-sided Garter

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