Third Eye - Herping Ohio 2006  
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Old Stomping Grounds
Blue Racer
Blue Beauty
I found this Blue Racer (Coluber constrictor foxi) on April 30th in a spot where I caught herps as a kid. This snake was being courted by a Black Racer. Blue and Black Racers willl intergrade where their ranges overlap. These are very fast snakes, which are quick to bite.
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Snapping Turtle
I Bite!
This young snapping turtle(Chelydra serpentina) was basking on a log and did not seem to appreciate getting its picture taken.
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DeKay's Snake City Snake
The DeKay's Snake (Storeria dekayi) is sometimes known as the Northern Brown Snake and was named after the great American naturalist James Edward DeKay. These small snakes, usually about a foot long or less, are often mistaken for garter snakes. The DeKay's Snake can sometimes be found near human habitation
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Eastern Milk Got Milk?
My Excellent Cousin found this snake in is house in Cleveland. He also found a Garter and DeKay's snake in his yard in 2006. Some people have all the luck!
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