Third Eye - Herping Ohio 2011  
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Today is the first full day of Spring. So I decided to go for a 10 minute drive and check out a wooded area and see what's up.


The First Day of Spring
Breeding Pool Vernal Pool
The spot has a vernal pool, where amphibians go to lay their eggs.
wood frog Wood Frog
Many, many Wood Frogs were calling, along with a few Spring Peepers. Wood Frogs sound like chickens clucking.
wood frog Wood Frog
Most of the Wood Frogs were floating about, chasing other Wood Frogs or being chased.
Spotted Salamander Spotted Salamander
Another amphibian that reproduces here is the Spotted Salamander.
Click here to see another Spotted Salamander photo
wood frog Wood Frogs
Most Wood Frogs hide when they sense danger, but if you're patient enough, eventually you'll see the swirls of their movements.
Red-spotted Newt Red-spotted Newt
Red-spotted Newts are here as well, presumably to eat amphibian eggs.
Spotted Salamander Spotted Sensation
The second Spotted Salamander was nearly 8 inches in total length.
Click here to see another photo of this Spotted Salamander
wood frog Wood Frog
Most of the frogs were rather dark. You might have though that I was kidding you when I said Wood Frogs sound like chickens, so I made this short video.
Click here to see the video of Wood Frogs calling
wood frog Think Pink
I've seen pink ones before, but this one was so light that I soon realized that it was an albino.
Click here to see another photo of this Wood Frog
Redback Salamander Redback Salamander
Redback Salamanders live here too.
Spotted Salamander Spotted Salamander
I closed out the day by finding this very pale "white-sided" Spotted.
Click here to see another photo of this Spotted Salamander
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