Third Eye - April 2014 Herps in Northeast Ohio  
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Spotted Salamander - April 8th.
Spotted Salamander

Spring Peeper - April 9th.
Spring Peeper

Blanding's Turtle - April 10th.
Blanding's Turtle

A very colorful American Toad seen on April 10th. Many were migrating on that rainy night.
American Toad

Jefferson's Salamander - April 11th.
Jefferson's Salamander

Another photo, because I like Jefferson's.
Jefferson's Salamander

A female Wood Frog heavy with eggs - April 11th.
Wood Frog

A handsome male Wood Frog - April 11th.
Wood Frog

My first Ohio snake of the year, a Brown Snake - April 11th.
Brown Snake

An adult female American Bullfrog seen on April 11th.
American Bullfrog

Green Frogs are one of the most commonly found amphibians in my home state - here's one from April 11th.
Green Frog

My first Eastern Garter Snake of the year, found on April 12th.
Eastern Garter Snake

American Toads laying eggs on April 14th.
American Toad

An Eastern Milk Snake seen on April 14th.
Eastern Milk Snake

Red Salamander larva - April 18th.
Red Salamander

Adult Red Salamander - April 18th.
Red Salamander

Although it's not a herp, I thought that this Red Flat Bark Beetle was really neat - April 18th.
Red Flat Bark Beetle

Northern Two-lined Salamander - April 18th.
Northern Two-lined Salamander

Redback Salamander - April 18th.
Redback Salamander

Northern Dusky Salamander - April 18th.
Northern Dusky Salamander

Painted Turtle seen on Easter Sunday - April 20th.
Painted Turtle

My first Northern Water Snake of the year was seen on April 21st.
Northern Water Snake

Common Snapping Turtle - April 21st.
Common Snapping Turtle

Snapping Turtles mating on April 21st.
Common Snapping Turtle

It's been a pretty awesome April.

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