Third Eye - Weekend Hocking Hills Herping with High School Students  
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Weekend Hocking Hills Herping with High School Students - April 21, 22 and 23

We stayed in cabins near Lake Hope.
Lake Hope

The Flowering Dogwood was in bloom.
Flowering Dogwood

And at night, the Spring Peepers were calling.
Spring Peeper

Mr. Maretka leading the Independence Biology Society on a Peninsula Trail hike.
Peninsula Trail

Wild Blue Phlox was common in the woods, fields and along streams.
Wild Blue Phlox

Six-spotted Tiger Beetles were out when it was sunny.
Six-spotted Tiger Beetle

Slimy Salamander.
Slimy Salamander.

Ash Cave.
Ash Cave

Named for its yellow clustered bulblets (looking roughly like kernels of corn), Squirrel Corn has white heart-shaped flowers.
Squirrel Corn

A cool looking blue insect that was on our cabin one morning called the Vale Horrid Moth.
Vale Horrid Moth

Two-lined Salamander.
Two-lined Salamander

A creek that ran along one of the trails we hiked.

Gray Treefrogs have the ability to change colors to better blend in with their surroundings.
Gray Treefrog


A tiny Ringneck Snake photographed next to a dime to show its size.
Ringneck Snake

Cedar Falls.
Cedar Falls

A young Five-lined Skink with a bright blue tail.
Five-lined Skink

There were several spots featuring elegant and distinctive Virginia Bluebells.
Virginia Bluebell

A Fishing Spider found near Rock House.
Fishing Spider

A Green Frog at Conkle's Hollow.
Green Frog

The ancestory of Rove Beetles date back to the Triassic - 200 million years ago - a few were seen on the trip.
Rove Beetle

I found my first Northern Water Snake of the year (a few more were found the next day).
Northern Water Snake

Spring Beauty was blooming everywhere, even in the front lawns of our cabins.
Spring Beauty

Several Midland Painted Turtles were seen basking.
Midland Painted Turtle

Tiger Swallowtails hanging out at the shoreline of Lake Hope.
Tiger Swallowtails

Five-lined Skink.
Five-lined Skink.\

Independence High School Biology Society at Old Man's Cave; it was a great weekend for spending time in nature.
Independence High School Biology Society

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