Third Eye - Herping Carter Caves, Kentucky 2015  
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I went on a weekend trip to Carter Caves, Kentucky from April 24-26 with 18 members of the Independence (OH) High School Biology Society on their annual Spring Trip.

Rat Snake.
Rat Snake

A colorful Eastern Box Turtle.
Eastern Box Turtle

We saw a few Five-lined Skinks - this was one of them.
Five-lined Skink

The only Slimy Salamander seen on the trip.
Slimy Salamander

Bat in a cave.

Longtail Salamander.
Longtail Salamander

A cool rock formation.
rock formation

We saw this Red Eft walking in the rain.
Red Eft

Bigheaded Ground Beetle.
Bigheaded Ground Beetle

A tiny Ringneck Snake.
Ringneck Snake

Exploring Cascade Cave.
Cascade Cave

One of several Ravine Salamanders seen on the trip.
Ravine Salamander

A tiny crayfish.

We saw a few Eastern Fence Lizards, including this one.
Eastern Fence Lizard

There were a number of wildflowers in bloom, including Phlox.

Dusky Salamander.
Dusky Salamander

A Cave Cricket casting a spooky shadow.
Cave Cricket

We only found one Worm Snake on the trip.
Worm Snake

Leopard Moth caterpillar.
Leopard Moth caterpillar


Two-lined Salamanders were hard to find.
Two-lined Salamander

Six-spotted Tiger Beetle.
Six-spotted Tiger Beetle

A larval Red Salamander seen in Cascade Cave.
Red Salamander

It was a great weekend to spend enjoying Kentucky's natural wonders.

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