Third Eye - Herping Carter Caves, Kentucky 2014  
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I went on a weekend trip to Carter Caves, Kentucky from April 24-26 with 18 members of the Independence (OH) High School Biology Society to check out what's going on in the Bluegrass State. Things started off with a nighttime salamander hunt.
salamander hunt

A large and colorful Spring Salamander.
Spring Salamander

Slimy Salamander.
Slimy Salamander

There were many wildflowers in bloom, such as this Iris.

A few Ringneck Snakes were found on the trip.
Ringneck Snake

American Giant Millipede.
American Giant Millipede

Dusky Salamanders were a challenge to catch - they actually can jump.
Dusky Salamander

Another Spring Salamander - we found 4 or 5 of them during the weekend.
Spring Salamander

Big Headed Ground Beetle.
Big Headed Ground Beetle

Two-lined Salamanders were surprisingly uncommon.
Two-lined Salamander

It was quite a night, with a number of nice finds.
Independence High School Biology Society

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