Third Eye - Herping Carter Caves, Kentucky 2019  
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An Eastern Milk Snake that's going through a shed cycle as evidenced by its cloudy blue eyes.
Eastern Milk Snake

A group of Tiger Swallowtails gathered around a puddle near the lake.
Tiger Swallowtails

Spring Salamanders are semi-aquatic, spending a majority of their time in springs, wet caves, and cool, clear mountain brooks.
Spring Salamander

Reptile and amphibian "show and tell" night with the Independence High School Biology Society.
Reptile and amphibian

Shane emulating a Stinkpot.

Josie hanging out with an American Giant Millipede.

Joe with one of the Eastern Fence Lizards caught on the trip.
Eastern Fence Lizard

Andre checking out the Stinkpot - all reptiles and amphibians were later released back where they were found.

One of the students doing a "cave crawl" on the Saltpetre Cave Tour.
Saltpetre Cave Tour

A bat hanging out in Saltpetre Cave.
Saltpetre Cave Tour

Taking a break after a long "cave crawl."
Saltpetre Cave Tour

Federally Endangered Indiana Bats, most of these had exited the cave following hibernation.
Indiana Bats

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