Third Eye - Snake Road 2010  
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In late September through early October I made my first trip to Snake Road in extreme southwestern Illinois. It's a place I've been hearing about for years. I finally decided to take a 9-1/2 drive - I left at 4:00AM.

Levee Big Muddy
To get to the north end of the road, you must drive on the levee of the Big Muddy River. I arrived in the early afternoon. The temperature was in the upper 70s.
Limestone Bluffs
Borderline Bluffs
Snake Road runs parallel to the limestone bluffs you can see in the distance.
Sign Fine Sign
The road is closed for most of the month of October to allow for snakes to migrate from swampy floodplains to the bluffs where they hibernate.
Sign Swampside Parking
Here's a view from the parking lot.
Treefrog Green Greeting
Some careful searching turned up this, a Green Treefrog.
The Road The Road
Eventually I got to the road. It was Thursday afternoon at 1:30. I had Snake Road all to myself.
Cottonmouth Cottonmouth
After about 10 minutes of hiking, I came across my first snake, this Western Cottonmouth.
Green Frog Common Cricket
Cricket Frogs seemed to be everywhere. With every step I took, I'd see a few hopping to get out of the way.
Cottonmouth Cottonmouth Crossing
Soon I started seeing more Cottonmouths. When approached, they usually went into their characteristic defensive display, which looks like this.
Click here to see another pic of a Cottonmouth
Cottonmouth On The Move
Most Cottonmouths were just hanging out in the road, and a few were moving slowly across it, heading for the bluffs.
Cottonmouth More Moccasins
I saw a total of 15 Cottonmouths on Thursday. This juvenile still retained some of its pattern it had as a baby.
Mississippi Green Green Goodness
I was quite pleased to find this Mississippi Green Water Snake as my hike was coming to a close. It was a great way to finish the day. Click here to see another pic of a Mississippi Green Water Snake
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