Third Eye - Snake Road 2012  
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Tim Spuckler
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I arrived at Snake Road on October 7th at 4:00 in the afternoon. It had been a cool day with high temperatures only reaching the mid-50s.

The trip went something like this:

Snake Road is located in Shawnee National Forest in extreme southwestern Illinois.
Snake Road sign

In the autumn reptiles begin to migrate over to these limestone bluffs where they will spend the winter protected from the elements.
Limestone Bluffs

Although warm in the areas where there was sun, I only found one snake, a young Western Cottonmouth.
Western Cottonmouth

Some cool-looking yellow-orange fungi.

Eastern Fence Lizards like to hang out on tree trunks. They will run up a tree and stay on the opposite side of the trunk as you (like a squirrel) if approached too closely.
Eastern Fence Lizard

Locals sometimes refer to these reptiles as Blue-bellied Swifts, due to their speed and the blue coloration of males.
Eastern Fence Lizard

A group of herpers from New Mexico were still around after a weekend of herping.

Marissa doesn't give up easily when it come to finding herps in less-than-ideal conditions, so we looked for (and found) Cave Salamanders and Longtails.

Longtail Salamander.
Longtail Salamander

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