Third Eye - Snake Road 2013  
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Tim Spuckler

I arrived at Snake Road on October 3rd at 1:00 in the afternoon.

The trip went something like this:

Day one was warm (low 80s) and humid. Here is a cool-looking bracket fungus.
bracket fungus

The road had many brush footed butterflies like Red Admirals, Commas and Question Marks; this one is the last type - you can see the white "punctuation mark" on its wing.
Question Mark

Leopard Frogs were everywhere, you could easily see 100 in a few hours.
Leopard Frog

Other amphibians were out and about too, like this Fowler's Toad.
Fowler's Toad

And of course there were plenty of Cricket Frogs.
Cricket Frog

There was no shortage of big millipedes either.
big millipede

And speaking of big, Bess Beetles are almost large enough to sit down and have a cup of coffee with.
Bess Beetle

The first snake of the trip that I saw was found by Erik McCormick. It was this Western Cottonmouth.
Western Cottonmouth

Eventually I found my own Western Cottonmouth. As with previous trips, they were the most commonly seen snake. I saw a dozen on day one.
Western Cottonmouth

Longtail Salamanders were easy to find in the right habitat.
Longtail Salamander

Cave Salamanders could be found as well.
Cave Salamander

A young Timber Rattlesnake.
Timber Rattlesnake

Another photo of the same snake.
Timber Rattlesnake

Did I mention the Leopard Frogs?
Leopard Frog

Rough Green Snake.
Rough Green Snake

Before I knew it, it was starting to get dark. Can you spot the swamp-dwelling bird in this photo?

Green Heron.
Green Heron

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