Third Eye - Snake Road 2014  
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Tim Spuckler

Snake Road & Southern Illinois October 2-6. The trip went something like this:

The weather was all over the place, but that didn't stop many Western Cottonmouths from being out and about.
Western Cottonmouth

Say "cheese."
Western Cottonmouth

Cave Salamander.
Cave Salamander

The only nonvenomous Water Snake I saw on this trip - a Yellowbelly.
Yellowbelly Water Snake

A very dark Leopard Frog.
Leopard Frog

Periodical Cicada.
Periodical Cicada

Swampy habitat.
Swampy habitat

Colorful Cricket Frog.
Cricket Frog

Fowler's Toad.
Fowler's Toad

A young Western Cottonmouth.
Western Cottonmouth

Bess Beetle pupa.
Bess Beetle

Slimy Salamander.
Slimy Salamander

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