Third Eye - Snake Road 2015  
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Tim Spuckler

Snake Road & Southern Illinois October 1-6. The trip went something like this:

Western Cottonmouths were plentiful on day one at Snake Road, at least a dozen were seen. It was mostly sunny with temperatures in the upper 60s.
Western Cottonmouth

Western Cottonmouth "showing off."
Western Cottonmouth

A young Western Cottonmouth with a yellow tail.
Western Cottonmouth

Here's what the swamp looked like.
Snake Road Swamp

Young Black Rat Snake.
Black Rat Snake

A baby Common Snapping Turtle found on Snake Road.
Common Snapping Turtle

Green Treefrog on Poison Ivy.
Green Treefrog

Rough Green Snake.
Rough Green Snake

Off-road I caught this large Plainbelly Water Snake.
Plainbelly Water Snake

As well as this brilliantly colored small one.
Plainbelly Water Snake

And I made friends with this dragonfly.

One of several Midland Water Snakes that I came across.
Midland Water Snake

Eastern Fence Lizard.
Eastern Fence Lizard

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