Third Eye - Snake Road 2016  
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Tim Spuckler

Herping Snake Road (and the surrounding area) September 30 - October 4.

Things got off to a very rainy start.
Rainy Drive

But there were plenty of amphibians to be found, like this Cave Salamander.
Cave Salamander

Blanchard's Cricket Frogs were a common sight throughout the trip.
Blanchard's Cricket Frog

A stocky and very faded Long-tailed Salamander.
Long-tailed Salamander

A number of Fall wildflowers were in bloom, like these Asters.

American Toad.
American Toad

The first snake that I saw on the trip was this young Cottonmouth.

American Bullfrog.
American Bullfrog

Red-spotted Newts were often encountered crossing roads.
Red-spotted Newt

Spring Peeper.
Spring Peeper

Leopard Slug - these were seen crossing roads on rainy nights.
Leopard Slug

Leopard Frogs were a frequent sight.
Leopard Frog

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