Third Eye - Snake Road 2017  
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Tim Spuckler

Herping Snake Road (and the surrounding area) September 27 - October 2.

While driving down from St. Louis, I encountered this male Eastern Box Turtle crossing the road.
Eastern Box Turtle

As a neared Snake Road, I stopped at Trail of Tears State Park and found this Midland Water Snake.
Midland Water Snake

A drab Green Frog hanging out in a creek.
Green Frog

Eventually I made it to Snake Road.
Snake Road

Southern Leopard Frogs are very common there.
Southern Leopard Frog

Cave Salamander.
Cave Salamander.

A tiny Ringneck Snake.
Ringneck Snake

A view of the swamp that borders parts of the road.

Eastern Garter Snake.
Eastern Garter Snake

Cricket Frogs were regularly seen hopping through the undergrowth.
Cricket Frog

A handsome Black Rat Snake.
Black Rat Snake

Blue Lobelia was in bloom.
Blue Lobelia

Longtailed Salamanders were easy to find along creeks.
Longtailed Salamander

Later that night I saw this Timber Rattlesnake crossing the Big Muddy River levee.
Timber Rattlesnake

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