Third Eye - Sandhill Prairie Herping 2012  
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Sandhill Prairie Herping on Mother's Day

Last year I drove 6 hours to the sandhill prairies of Illinois to look for my first wild Bull Snakes on Memorial Day Weekend. I didn't find any. So this weekend I got "back in the ring to take another swing" and I went a few weeks earlier than in 2011. That turned out to be a pretty good idea.

My first wild Bull:
Bull Snake
Bull Snake

Prairie Racerunners were easy to catch in the morning when they were still cold and under cover.
Prairie Racerunner

Though after they warmed up they were fast and fiesty. I also saw my first legless lizards, but I was unable to catch/photograph one.
Prairie Racerunner

Blue-margined ground beetles were commonly encountered.
Blue-margined ground beetle

The second Bull Snake I found was in shed.
Bull Snake

I saw two Blue Racers, but both were going through a shed cycle so they weren't particularly attractive.
Blue Racer

The final Bull Snake was the best of them all in terms of color and pattern.
Bull Snake
Bull Snake

It was a great day for finding a couple of "lifers." Closing shot of a Muskrat:

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