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From March 29, 2002 thru April 2, 2002 I vacationed in Las Vegas, Nevada. The weather was in the 80's and many reptiles were just coming out of their winter resting period. Seven different types of lizards were found (although Banded Geckos and Night Lizards were not photographed). No snakes were found on this trip, but we did make a fine snake stick to be used on future outings.

Ken's 1st Lizard
Ken's First Lizard of the Trip
Ken Gerard, my partner in this lizard-catching adventure, nooses his first lizard of the trip, a Zebratail (Callisaurus draconoides).
These lizards are the fastest in the American West. They often run so fast, you can hardly see them! Their great speed undoubtably helps account for their abundance - Zebratails were the second most commonly found lizards on this trip.
Side View
Most Zebratails we found on were 7-9 inches in total length.
Desert Photo Desert Photography
I'm all set up, now where did that lizard go?
Landscape Lizard Habitat
An area like this is an excellent place to look for desert reptiles.
Whiptail I Ain't Mad at 'Cha
I caught this Great Basin Whiptail (Cnemidophorus tigris) by hand. It was my first lizard captured on this outing. This Whiptail isn't too thrilled about being "caught on camera."
Whiptail Portrait of a Whiptail
Whiptails have streamlined bodies and whiplike tails. These lizards are related to tegus and often prowl in a "jerky" manner, flicking out their tongues and moving their heads from side to side.
Snake Stick The Making of a Snake Stick
Unfortunately we did not find any snakes on this trip.
Fellowship The Fellowship of the Lizard
My lizard-catching assistants, Melissa and Matthew with me on the pier at Lake Mead on the morning of April 1, 2002. We are about to embark on a quest (for lizards, of course).
Fish Hungry Fish
Carp and Striper congregate at the pier, looking for handouts.
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