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Tim Spuckler
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From July 1 thru July 7, 2005 I vacationed in Las Vegas, Nevada. The daytime temperatures ranged from 105-112 degrees. We found nine different types of lizards: chuckwallas, night lizards, banded geckos, zebra-tails, desert spiny lizards, side blotched lizards, whiptails, a desert iguana and a leopard lizard. Most lizards were captured using the "noose" method, which involves slipping a lasso made of string over the reptile's head and pulling. This method of capture does not harm the animal. All animals were photographed and released at their point of capture. Eight snakes (five different kinds) were also found on this trip. These included: Mojave rattlesnakes, glossy snakes, coachwhips, a California kingsnake and a night snake. This section of the website contains digital photographs taken by Ken Gerard.

Used Cars
I Want to Sell YOU a Used Car
Checking out our favorite roadside junkyard in the Las Vegas area.
Junkyard Junkies
Matt Chipchak and I lift a piece of plywood. We found a few desert spiny lizards (Sceloporus magister) in this location.
Chuckwalla Crevice Creeper
A chuckwalla (Sauromalus obesus) hiding in the rocks. These lizards inflate themselves with air, making it nearly impossible to extract them from where they hide.
Green Desert Green Desert
Due to an unusually large amount of rain there was much desert greenery.
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Kinney, Kinney, Kinney Kinney, Kinney, Kinney
Ken Gerard nooses the first lizard of the trip - a side-blotch (Uta stansburiana).
Katydid Katydid
Instead of being green and leaf-like, this one was brown.
Montana Can You Hear Me Now?
Montana Black proves you can catch lizards and talk on the phone at the same time.
Glossy Glossy Snake
We found two of these snakes on the same night while road hunting. Glossy snakes (Arizona elegans) are related to gopher snakes and eat lizards and small rodents. They are constrictors.
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Glossy Another Glossy
This glossy snake appeared to be carrying eggs.
Glossy Would You Like Matt Finish or Glossy?
A glossy snake photo session with Lake Mead in the background.
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