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From May 27 thru June 4, 2006 I vacationed in Las Vegas, Nevada. We also traveled to the western edge of the Grand Canyon and visited Mojave National Preserve in California. The daytime temperatures ranged from 75-111 degrees, getting warmer as the week progressed. We found eight different types of lizards: chuckwallas, night lizards, a banded gecko, zebra-tails, desert spiny lizards, side blotched lizards, whiptails, and desert iguanas. Most lizards were captured using the "noose" method, which involves slipping a lasso made of string over the reptile's head and pulling. This method of capture does not harm the animal. All animals were photographed and released at their point of capture. Six snakes (four different kinds) were also found on this trip. These included: a Mojave rattlesnake, a glossy snake, coachwhips and gopher snakes. This section of the website contains digital photographs taken by Ken Gerard.


Junkyard Herping
Reptilian Greeting
Several wildlife sculptures can be found in Las Vegas airport. This is a horned lizard situated next to the pay phones.
Why Can't We Be Friends?
A young coachwhip (Masticophis flagellum) that is not too keen on being captured.
Kenny Kinney, Kinney, Kinney
Ken nooses a side-blotched lizard (Uta stansburiana).
Ken's Side-blotch Ken's Catch Close Up
An example of a striped side-blotch.
Justin New Kid On the Block
Las Vegas resident Justin Jahn takes up a noose and catches a side-blotch.
Group Effort Group Effort
The more you look, the more you find.
Matt Matt's Catch
Matt Chipchak has joined our lizard catching quests three times. He knows all about the fine art of lizard noosing.
Matt's Catch Portrait of a Side-blotch
A close up look at Matt's catch.
Blue Side-blotch Blue Speckled Side-blotch
These small lizards can have a rainbow of colors.
Concentration Concentration
It's not easy noosing lizards when you're surrounded by obstacles.
Concentration Multitasker
Justin takes a call while catching reptiles.
Centipede Centipede
This blue-green centipede was pretty neat.
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