Third Eye - Herping Las Vegas 2008  
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The following photo essay covers some of the reptiles and amphibians I encountered while herping Las Vegas from May 31 - June 8, 2008. The weather was breezy and temperatures were in the mid-90s.The trip encompassed Utah, California, and of course Neveda. Thirteen types of lizards were found (Chuckwallas, a Desert Iguana, Side-blotched Lizards, Western Whiptails, Banded Geckos, Night Lizards, a Leopard Lizard, Collared Lizards, Striped Whiptails, Yellow-backed Spiny Lizards, Desert Spiny lizards, Plateau Lizards, and Zebratails), five species of snakes were found (Great Basin Gopher, Glossy Snake, Night Snake, a Sidewinder and several Western Blind Snakes), three types of amphibians were discovered (Canyon Treefrogs, Red-spotted Toads and Pacific Chorus Frogs), and a single Desert Tortoise was seen as well.


Boulder City
The BC The BC
Boulder City has some pretty good places to find lizards.
Rock Chucks
Chuckwallas are large, sun-loving lizards that live in rocky areas. They mainly eat plants.
Zebratail Lizard Smiling Speedster
Zebratails are incredibly fast - but we catch them anyway.
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Whiptail Longtailed Lizard
Western Whiptails are relatively common.
Desert Iguana Kenny's Catch
We only saw one Desert Iguana on the trip and Kenny managed to catch it on our first day in the field.
Desert Iguana Dipso Dinosaur
Desert Iguanas have a prehistoric appearance. Have you ever wondered how we get lizards to stay still while we take their photo? Click here to discover our super-secret method.
Side-blotched Lizard By Your Side
Side-blotched Lizards don't like hot weather, but we found a few in the morning.
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