Third Eye - Herping Las Vegas 2010  
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The weather was a little bit crazy from June 9-13 in Las Vegas. The temperatures started out at 100 degrees, but after a couple of days, a low pressure system moved through the area, dropping daytime temperatures into the high 70s.


Lovell Canyon/Arizona Roadhunting
Horned Lizard Spiky Sensation
Horned Lizards can be tricky to find, but on the first day, two were seen basking on blacktop pavement. A total of seven Horned Lizards were see on the trip - more than any of my previous trips to the desert.
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It's a Wash
I hiked in this wash in the Canyon.
Great Basin Fence Lizard Black Lizard
Some of the Great Basin Fence Lizards were very dark in color.
Orange Flowers Orange Globe Mallow
A wet winter resulted in a lot of desert greenery and flowers.
Roadhunting Arizona Evening
Later that night I did some roadhunting for snakes in the Grand Canyon State.
Longnose Desert Digger
The first snake I found was this Longnose - its pointed snout enables it to burrow.
Trail King Diamond
Due to its large size, toxic venom and bold nature, the Western Diamondback Rattlesnake is widely considered to be the most dangerous snake in the United States. This is the first one I've ever encountered in the field.
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California Kingsnake King Me
Previously I've found California Kingsnakes in Nevada and California - this is the first one I've ever come across in Arizona.
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Longnose Snake Doubletime
This second Longnose Snake was a bit larger than the first...and a little camera-shy.
Baby Mojave Mojave Madness
The final find of the night was this yearling Mojave Rattlesnake.
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