Third Eye - Herping Las Vegas 2011  
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I arrived in Las Vegas the night of April 1st. It was 88 degrees upon my arrival - twice the temperature of the Greater Cleveland Area where I came from. I decided to try my hand at roadhunting.


Roadhunting/Cerbats Mountains (AZ)
mojave rattlesnake First Find
I found my first snake of 2011 that night, a Mojave Rattlesnake. It turned out that medium-sized Mojaves were somewhat common for the first two days of the trip, before the temperature started to drop.
longnose snake
I also found a little Longnose Snake on that first night. I photographed it on the following day.
Click here to see another photo of this snake
cerbats mountains Cerbat Mountains
On Saturday I went to the Cerbat Mountains in Arizona. Here's what the view was like.
zebratail lizard Catching Some Z's
In the foothills I found Zebratails.
spiny lizard Pointy Reptile
As well as Desert Spiny Lizards.
crazy cactus Crazy Cactus
Cactus imitating a rock.
Click here to see a flowering cactus
centipede Hundred-legger
The biggest wild centipede I've ever seen.
Cow Moo
Cow crossing.
smashed Smashed
The perils of artificial cover.
Mojave Crossing Mojave Crossing
A Mojave Rattlesnake crossing the road.
Click here to see another photo of this snake
banded gecko Geico?
A Banded Gecko.
Click here to see another photo of this lizard
fence lizard Superunknown
I'm thinking that this is some sort of Fence Lizard.
sagebrush lizard Sagebrush Lizard
This reptile can be found in mid to high latitudes in the western United States.
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