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The next day I took a trip to Arizona to check out what was going on in the Cerbat Mountains.
Cerbat Mountains

I wasn't expecting to see a big green lizard in the road, but it was only there for a moment before it bolted.
Collared Lizard

The Great Basin Collared Lizards that I'm used to seeing are earthtone in color. I soon realized that I was looking at lifer #2 - Eastern Collared Lizard.
Collared Lizard

Southwestern Prickly Poppy
Southwestern Prickly Poppy

Do you know what the deadliest killer is?
deadliest killer

Plateau Fence Lizards were the most commonly seen reptile.
Plateau Fence Lizard

Plateau Fence Lizard

A trusty (rented) Toyota that travelled 2,500 miles by the end of the week.

The Giant Agave Bug lives up to its name - those things are huge.
Giant Agave Bug

Some movement in the underbrush revealed lifer #3: a Gila Spotted Whiptail.
Gila Spotted Whiptail

Gila Spotted Whiptail

A friendly reminder.
Play Nice

As I descended the mountains, I decided that I'd come back later to go night herping.
Cerbats Mountains

But first, who ever said that you can't combine firearms with food?
Last Stop

The first night find was lifer #4 of the trip: an Arizona Glossy Snake.
Arizona Glossy Snake

I was pretty stoked about the Glossy.
Arizona Glossy Snake


This Speckled Rattlesnake was the second of three different rattlesnake species that I found on the trip.
Speckled Rattlesnake

I ended the night by finding this Gopher Snake. Here he is waiting to get his picture taken.
Gopher Snake

This is probably a Sonoran/Great Basin Gopher Snake intergrade.
Gopher Snake

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