Third Eye - Herping Las Vegas 2013  
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It was the same weather throughout the week (June 5-11), sunny and in the 100s. It was hotter and drier compared to last year, even though this year's trip was a week earlier. One day one I took a trip up the Cerbat Mountains.

Plateau Fence Lizard.
Plateau Fence Lizard

A wasp hitching a ride up the mountain.

I photographed this Eastern Collared Lizard out of the driver's side window of the car.
Eastern Collared Lizard

A Yellow-belly Assassin Bug...
Yellow-belly Assassin Bug

...that decided to attempt to assassinate the camera (I think it saw its reflection in the lens).
Yellow-belly Assassin Bug

Gila Spotted Whiptail.
Gila Spotted Whiptail

A smaller, darker Gila Spotted Whiptail actively foraging in the leaf litter.
Gila Spotted Whiptail

Cicada exoskeleton "as found."
Cicada exoskeleton

There were a number of these small, spotted beetles on the flowers of cacti.
spotted beetles



Yucca fruit.
Yucca fruit

Lichens forming the letter "G."

A mammal that I've never seen before - a Rock Squirrel - they are surprisingly large.
Rock Squirrel

Eaton's Firecracker being visited by bees.
Eaton's Firecracker

Later that night...Wolf Spider.
Wolf Spider

And still later - Spotted Leafnose Snake.
Spotted Leafnose Snake

Another photo of the same snake.
Spotted Leafnose Snake

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