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Tim Spuckler
8213 Wyatt Road
Broadview Heights, OH 44147

I have been breeding snakes and selling them to the public for 30 years. I have had a lifelong interest in reptiles and amphibians, as well as all other forms of wildlife. In addition to keeping and breeding snakes, turtles and lizards - I also try to get out in the field whenever I can. I was Editor-In-Chief of Notes from NOAH, the newsletter of the Northern Ohio Association of Herpetologists for over nine years.

Here is what some of my customers have had to say:

Absolutely gorgeous. The contrast is just incredible.
Steve Craig - Victorville (CA) California Kingsnake

Hey Tim,
I picked her up and got her home she looks awesome thank you.
Matthew Stieb - Mexican Black Kingsnake

They made it safely and look great, thanks!
Kevin Saunders - Midland Water Snakes

Hi Tim,
We just picked him up he such a cutie thank you very much have an awesome day!!
Patricia Lawall - Coast Garter Snake

I received her and she is BEAUTIFUL. Thank you.
Stephen Unland - Mexican Black Kingsnake

I have zero complaints about Tim or Third Eye.
He was extremely responsive and my new pet came alive and healthy the next day after ordering.
I could not recommend this seller more!
Arien Evans - Mexican Black Kingsnake

Picked up the kiddos. All of them look absolutely stunning. I'm so happy with them. Thank you so much! It was a pleasure.
It was a pleasure.
Kate Littrell - Hypomelanistic Honduran Milk Snake, Striped Ghost Corn Snake, Coast and Santa Cruz Garter Snakes

Got them Tim!
Thanks and they look amazing.
Albert Clark - Santa Cruz Garter Snakes

Good evening Tim,
The snakes arrived and they are beautiful. The male is huge! The female is going into shed.
Very happy with our purchase.
Sarah Collins - Striped Ghost Corn Snakes

They made it and of course are just beautiful little snakes. The others are doing great, I have a few other fish eaters as well at the moment, so we are giving the local pet store a run for their money in keeping up with our demand for minnows...lol.
Thanks again,
Mike Turner - Broadbanded Water Snakes

Hello Tim,
The snakes arrived safe and sound - many thanks!
David Campbell - Coast Garter Snakes

Hi Tim,
Just wanted you to know that the garter snake arrived safe and healthy. Thank you so much for the smooth process; I appreciate it.
Thanks again,
Heiko Frost - Coast Garter Snake

The two snakes arrive today in fantastic condition and are happily settling into their vivarium.
Thanks again,
Morgan Borer - Coast Garter Snakes

Snakes arrived at 9:45a.m. I am really really impressed with these snakes!! I am extremely partial to anery, striped, ghost, etc. corns. A beautiful addition to the collection.
Thank You-Thank-You-Thank You!!
Tim Fleming - Striped Ghost Corn Snakes

The corn arrived safe and sound. Very pretty snake, with an unusual amount of yellow coloration.
Kathy Robbins - adult albino Corn Snake

We just wanted to let you know that the snake arrived safely. She is very beautiful - our daughter is in love.
Thank you again for being so receptive and helpful. Much appreciated.
The Negrete Family - Coast Garter Snake

She arrived safe and she's gorgeous. Thanks so much, if I'm in the market for more kings/milks in the future I'll definitely check out your animals!
Catharin Shepard - Mexican Black Kingsnake

They just arrived and look great. Thank you and please let me know when the SC garters arrive!
John Perkins - Albino Nelson's Milks

The little ladies just arrived! They look great, thanks Tim!
Jacob Willardsen - Striped Ghost Corns

Hi Tim
FYI on the SCs, fed them guppies and they ate like champs!! I am going to stay on fish until size is more established. Like my checkers they are very curious. The checkers have distinct personalities and once the SCs get bigger and more acclimated I expect the same. Thanks again and I will see you soon for the pines.
Frank Townsley - Santa Cruz Garter Snakes

Hi Tim . . .
Just wanted to let you know that "Little Timmy" is thriving, and I just love this guy. He eats like a pig, and he seems to have doubled in size since arriving. Today I gave him a bigger house . . . put a 10-gal on end with the screen top acting as a side. Furnished it with branches and foliage, and he's having a good time exploring. The exercise will be good for him, and it's fun watching how "snakey" he looks when he's hanging out on a branch. I'm going to enjoy watching him grow. Thanks for getting him to me!
Cathy Clark - Russian Rat Snake

Corns got here in good condition. I really, really like them. I especially like that the female has a different type pattern so when breeding I would never get them mixed up as to sex when they get older. Again thank you for the great Reverse Okeetee's.
Harvey Ricker - Reverse Okeetee Corn Snakes

They are beautiful Tim!!!
Amy Zerkle - Santa Cruz Garters

Hey Tim,
Snake came in, looks great. Can you tell me the lineage on your atratus?
Scott Felzer - Santa Cruz Garter Snake

They arrived about 10:30 today and look great - thanks!
Gregg Wentzell - Northern Pine Snakes

Hey Tim,
They arrived and look fine. They are really nice big beautiful babies. I really like them. Thanks again for everything.
Mike Panichi - Santa Cruz Garter Snakes

The pinesnake arrived with no problems and in good health; she's definately beautiful and I can't believe how big she is for only being a few weeks old! All-in-all, I'm extremely happy and wanted to say "thanks" again.
Scott Cole - Northern Pine Snake

She is gorgeous, the parents must be amazing! Thank you so much :)
Katelyn Rigoli - Western Black Kingsnake

Picked up the snakes this morning and they were fine. My son is thrilled with them! His collection is complete now.
Bart Arney - Snow Hondurans

She arrived safe and sound today! She is so beautiful we named her Bonita, thank you so much! I am so pleased by her sweet disposition, thank you again.
Joy Meland :)
Joy Meland - Western Black Kingsnake

Hi Tim,
Just a quick note that the little ones arrived a little after 10 in great shape and are beauties.
Charles Crowe - Western Black Kingsnakes

Hey Tim, I recieved the corn this morning and he's awesome. He was baby tame right out of the box and has good weight on him. Very satisfied. Vibrant colors.
May be looking for a female in the near future so if you have any female anery corns available, let me know.
Thanks again,
Adam Dispenza - Reverse Okeetee Corn Snake

Hello Tim,
Arrived fine. Looks GREAT am very happy to have her.
Thanks again-
Rodney Jtineant - Albino Honduran Milksnake

Just wanted to let you know the pair of N. Pines I got from you last summer are getting HUGE!
They are eating rat pups and the male has completely lost his mask.
He now has a very stark white head and both look amazing!
Just wanted to thank you again!
Amazing animals.
Shawn Fitzgerald - Northern Pine Snakes

Hey Tim,
She just got here! She's absolutely adorable! OMG... She's SO cute!
I'll let her settle in for a few days before I show her off. :-)
Thank you SO much! She's a doll and will have a great home for the rest of her life with me.
Allison Weyer - Mexican Black Kingsnake

I received my rats today and I couldn't be happier with them!
They are some really fat and healthy lookin' babies! I'll post pics on K.S. later!
Jeff Cochran - Russian Rat Snakes

I got her safe and sound. She's gorgeous! thank you so much : )
Sarah Sears - Snow Honduran Milksnake

I'm getting ready to snap a few pics of them. Very calm animals considering they're newborn hatchlings.
You must have sold your Russian rats pretty fast. I never saw you place an ad for them. Glad I got mine when I did.
You don't see amur rats for sale very often. Looking foward to working with and raising both these gorgeous animals.
Thanks Tim. See you on the KS forums.
Steve Craig - Russian Rat Snake and Northern Pine Snake

The creamsicle corn arrived safely today. Excuse my french but that is the fricken prettiest snake I have ever seen!!!!!!!
I'll be back for more :)
Amanda Ebenhack - Creamsicle Corn

The little gal ate a pinky last nite.
Thanx again, Tim.
Dick Bartlett - Russian Rat Snake

Hey Tim,
They are here and are great. She is a lil unhappy but he seems more content. They came in awesome shape!!
Thanks Again, You have no idea what this means to me!!! I will be in touch if I have any questions.
Nicole Lopez - Mexican Black Kingsnakes

They are amazing even bigger than my 10 month old Great Basins.
Thanks again.
Max Draper - Northern Pine Snakes

I received the package today before noon and I am very pleased with him.
Your professionalism and dedication to your customers is very obvious to me. I'll be a repeat customer down the road for sure.
Thanks again and take care,
Brian Eisele - Brazilian Rainbow Boa

The snakes arrived today in excellent shape. They look great. Thanks for the great transaction. I may do business with you next season.
Also, its refreshing to have someone provide the after sale service and guarantees that you make available. You'll be my first recommendation if anyone asks.
Thanks Again,
Chris VanSice - Albino and Het Nelson's Milks

Hey Tim!
Just wanted to let you know that both Kings ate F/T pinkies tonight. You did a good job with these. Take care and good luck with your future projects!
Joe Sibley - Mexican Black Kings

Yes Tim, I got them! :0) And they are absolutely adorable! The male is my favorite....... soooo pretty! :0) Thanks sooo much! They're great!
Charlotte Simms - Creamsicle Corns

Hi Tim Arrived A-OK. Beautiful...THANKS
William Irvine - Het for Hypo Honduran

...by the way, those corns have really become beauties.
Paul Weaver - Okeetee Corns

I just received the MBK's. Thanks. They look great. Larger than I expected. Everything is well.
Thanks again. Good luck with all your other clutches!
Gregory Jackson - Mexican Black Kings

I just wanted to drop you another note. I had to tell you again that I really, really think this snake is great.
I can't thank you enough for him. I am surprised he hadn't sold sooner but am glad that I got him.
And I want to thank you for great service as well.
Dianne Bolognani - Miami Corn

They just arrived! Thanks a lot for such beautiful snakes.
Logan Jakubs - Pueblan Milks

I just wanted you to know that the snake arrived and is doing fine.
Thanks for all your help and for the excellent snake.
David Hodge - Het for Hypo Honduran

I received the snake and she is great.
Thanks so much for your professionalism throughout the process.
Thanks very much,
Michael Luscre - Okeetee Corn

All I can say is "WOW" - what beautiful snakes!!!! Thank you so much!!!
I was scared that they would not be as pretty as they are because I did not see them beforehand.
Every breeder has a different look for their creamsicle corn snakes. Yours are the bomb!!!
Donnie Reilly - Creamsicle Corns

Hi Tim,
The sticks arrived fine today.
I wasn't expecting them to be this big already, very happy.
It was a pleasure doing business with you and I look forward to it again in the future.
Frank Serafin - Veitnamese Walking Sticks

Hi Tim,
The package arrived and all is well.
Thanks, it looks better than the picture.
Thomas Sierra - Het for Hypo Honduran

I have recieved the kingsnakes and they look great.
Thanks for an effortless transaction, I hope to do business with you again.
Thanks again,
Chip Bendig - Mexican Black Kingsnakes

I received the Corns a little while ago.....they look great!
Thanks for the awesome animals,
David Beard - Okeetee Corn Snakes

The snakes arrived today and they were in great shape!
I appreciate doing business with you and will keep you in mind in the future.
Evan Chada - Fire Corns

Good Afternoon Tim,
Just wanted to let you know that the snakes got here safe and sound yesterday afternoon.
They are super nice and I am glad the we were finally able to do some business together!
Thanks again and I will be in touch.
Nathan Wells - Het for Hypo Hondurans

They just arrived, alive and well and BEAUTIFUL!
Thank you very much!
Kari Collison - Mexican Black Kings

Hi Tim,
I got the corns today, and I am very pleased, they are just beautiful!
Thanks so much for the help. If I need more snakes I will be coming to you.
Take care,
Michael Butt - Creamsicle Corn Snakes

I got him this morning and he's in great condition and just wanted to let you know I'm very pleased with my purchase.
Kevin Brooks - Okeetee Corn Snake

He's here and he is wonderful...what a spectacular snake!
Thanks so much,
Helane Howlett - Mexican Black King

Got them no problem, they are beautiful, just as you said! THANKS!!!!!!!!
Richard Hansen - Het for Hypo Hondurans

Hi Tim,
Yes they did come...sorry I couldn't email you sooner I had to work.
But they came...they are awsome and thank you very much!
Thanks again, Justin
Justin Wiseheart - Mexican Black Kings

Dear Tim,
The little beauty arrived safe and sound this morning and I am thrilled. She is a beauty!
I would recommend you to anyone wishing to purchase.
Thanks so much and I hope to do business again at some point.
Bill Ferry - Albino Nelson's Milksnake

She arrived alive and fiesty just like she should be. She is beautiful. Thanks a lot. I hope to do business with you in the future.
Thanks again,
Dan Hazen - Het for Hypo Honduran

Thank you for your advice. I followed it all - moving her to a smaller enclosure for feeding, upped the temperature a bit, and so on - and she immediately started snapping up the thawed out baby mice I offered her. She ate 3 right away, and three again a week later. I will probably cut it back to 2 a week now, because I read somewhere that it is possible to overfeed a snake, but she seems to be reacting to the changes I made very well. I just wanted to thank you again for your help!
Have a great day,
Tyler Beck - Non-customer who requested advice

She's here! She's here! and she's beautiful. Thank you again!
Jessica Leigh Stuart - Mexican Black King

Hi Tim.
She arrived safe and sound. She's amazing. Exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much.
Take care.
Jessica Carreras - Amel Motley Corn Snake