Third Eye - Herping California 2012  
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From what I've heard, it's rained pretty much for the last three weeks of March in Northern California, essentially pushing back spring a bit. The forecast for the first week of April called for sunny skies most of the time and daytime temperatures in the 60s. After arriving at SFO airport, I took Skyline Drive down to my friend's house in Los Gatos and did some herping along the way. It was no surprise that Slender Salamanders were very common and were the first herps that I came across.
Slender Salamander

Most of the Coast Garter Snakes at the beginning of the trip were small and in shed. This one was a bit bigger and exhibited some red.
 Coast Garter Snake

An Alligator Lizard with a nice pattern.
Alligator Lizard

I took finding a Rubber Boa on the first day of the trip as a good omen of things to come.
Rubber Boa

Some habitat from day one.

Hey, what do you think is under that board?

Answer: Four baby Northern Pacific Rattlesnakes. Here's one of them.
Northern Pacific Rattlesnake

Ringneck Snakes were very common in certain areas.
Ringneck Snake

There were a few Pacific Gopher Snakes that hatched last year to be found as well.
Pacific Gopher Snake

Some of the newts were so fat that they looked like they were going to explode.

Although I've read about the vocal abilities of Arboreal Salamanders and found a few over the years, this was the first one that I ever encountered which squeaked like a mouse.
Arboreal Salamander

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