Third Eye - Herping Ohio 2009  
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From April 30 - May 2, 2009 I accompanied 18 students from the Independence High School Biology Society to Hocking Hills. There was a lot of rain, which made conditions ideal for finding salamanders. We stayed at Lake Hope, which is located in south-central Ohio.


Night Hike
furnace Hope Furnace
Although the roar of the iron furnaces no longer echo through the hills, there are many reminders of days gone by. Some say that this furnace is haunted - what do you think?
spring peeper
"X" Marks The Spot
Spring Peepers are tiny frogs that are easily identified by the "X" on their backs. They were out calling in full force.
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Night Kids Rocky Night
The students begin exploring a large rock overhang.
eft Elfin Eft
Several examples of the juvenile (and terrestrial) phase of the aquatic Red-spotted Newt were found.
double Double True
A Redback and a Two-lined Salamander.
kevin Kevin's Creatures
Kevin shows off some salamanders.
crayfish Crawdad
This crayfish was one of the non-amphibian finds of the night.
Scott Late Night Lecture
Independence High School biology teacher Scott Maretka tells his students about some of the plants and animals found in the surrounding habitat.
longtail Longicauda
The Longtail Salamander is a large, thin species is named for its very long tail.
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