Third Eye - Cinco de Mayo in Central Ohio  
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On the first weekend in May I joined 19 high school students on a trip to a place near Zanesville.

Our first outing was a freshwater field study.
freshwater field study

We used seines and nets to catch fish, crustaceans and mollusks.
freshwater field study

I caught a Northern Water Snake.
Northern Water Snake

Here's a bigger one caught on the following day.
Northern Water Snake

We had a wood shed on the campgrounds and in the evening this Eastern Garter Snake was hanging out there.
Eastern Garter Snake

We went on several hikes and found cool stuff, like this American Toad.
American Toad

Here's something which I've never seen before: American Carrion Beetle.
American Carrion Beetle

Northern Ringneck Snakes were the most commonly seen reptile.
Northern Ringneck Snake

A very tiny (but very cute) Red Eft.
Red Eft

Mr. Maretka, Independence High School's biology teacher and Graham turned a few logs.
Mr. Maretka

Eastern Garter Snake in a tree.
Eastern Garter Snake

The same snake photographed on a tree stump.
Eastern Garter Snake

Spring Peepers were calling, as well as Grey Treefrogs.
Spring Peeper

In the afternoon I gave a presentation on the reptiles and amphibians we had found. We stayed in tents on stilts (like you see in the background) called yurts.

The students enjoyed getting a firsthand look at some native Ohio reptiles.

Tanner checking out a water snake.

He decided that he liked snakes so much that he put a ringneck on his head.

Lily is a foreign exchange student from New Zealand - they don't have snakes there.

Adam enjoys an Eastern Garter Snake.
Eastern Garter Snake

Marissa chillin' with a Northern Ringneck Snake.
Northern Ringneck Snake

Steve checks out a water snake.
water snake

It was a great weekend for hiking and herping.

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